Clint Barton wants to spend a warm Christmas with his family when past secrets threaten to collapse under his feet when his Ronin suit is discovered at an underground auction.


With this series, we are introduced to a few new marvel characters such as Echo played by Alaqua Cox, our favorite new Black Widow and younger sister to Natasha, Yelena Belova, and lastly the young apprentice to the most normal superhero with a bow and arrow Hailee Steinfeld.


What I loved about this series in particular is the direction in which the director decided to handle Hawkeye and his relationship with people. From the moment we were introduced to Hawkeye, he’s been this man who’s kept a very far distance from people and would only be seen talking to either his partner or someone in command.


Hawkeye was most definitely out of his comfort zone in this one and I loved every moment of it. From the moment he met Kate Bishop who admired him in every sense after seeing him fight against aliens in the first Avengers film whilst she was a little girl. It’s sad to say that she lost her father that same day.


Echo was born deaf but quickly learned how to read people’s lips and communicate in sign language. Her father who raised her and taught her how to live in both worlds was sadly killed by Clint Barton as Ronin under the orders of a certain individual.


Yelena Belova believed that her sister must have been killed by Clint for returning alive on his own not knowing the reasons for her disappearance. Unknowingly to her that Clint was the one suffering the most with her death as he loved. Natasha was like the other half of Clint in terms of you can’t have Ying without Yang. This is further explained when Kate and Yelena form a weirdly interesting bond just as Clint and Natasha once had.


Through the help of Kate, Clint comes to realize that accepting help from others isn’t a bad idea and even asks for new suits to be made for both himself and Kate. Clint also realizes that even though he’s just a normal human with no powers or extraordinary abilities, he had inspired so many people.


But the star of the series is Kate Bishop who brings in a fun charismatic personality that lightens up the show, she’s clumsy, energetic, and full of life. Something that Clint has eluded from, perhaps because he was a secret agent. 


The show is amazing in its own right and came out in the perfect season. Marvel Studios has had one amazing year in 2021 with all its series released, I can’t wait to see what more they have to offer us in 2022.


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