Sister Tse (Shuya Chang) is a mother filled with regret with her earlier years of abandoning her daughter (Jai) who is later aborted by a family in New York City as she is arrested and sent to prison for 8 years, as soon as she is released, her first and only thought is to find her daughter, she is assisted by one of New York City’s Chinatown’s underground crime family lead by Dai Mah played by (Jade Wu).


If there’s anything I’ve learned from this emotional rollercoaster of a film is that Asians are built resilient and go through much more than I’ve ever imagined, I mean leaving your place of home for a completely new place without knowing where you’ll sleep, what you’ll eat or even how you’ll survive and this is just a tip of the iceberg that so many other people through, for that, I would like to congratulate Director Evan Jackson Leong for his accurate depiction of what so many immigrants go through daily.


You can never truly understand one’s pain and reasons for being who they are, our Sister Tse only came to New York City to find her daughter however the price she has to pay is steeper than one has to pay, she is forced into prostitution to pay off the snakehead who brought her from China into America but Sister Tse ends up biting the client and is almost killed for her disobedience.
Rambo played by (Sung Kang) is a man who has to recover from his abusive childhood, whereas a young child had to constantly see his father abuse his mother till one day his hated and rage drove him to kill his father at the age of 12, since his release from prison he has been working for his mother, never having to work as they are rich but greed is always every person’s downfall.


It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, everyone wants an opportunity for a better life and this was clearly shown when even kids were willing to take the long walk through the tough lands of Mexico, imagine at such a young age, y heart almost cried out to these kids. Or how about the men and women who were frozen to death by trying to smuggle them in using a carrier truck, I can only imagine what the families of the dead must have thought, was it worth it?


Mothers truly are special, both Dai Mah and Sister Tse can be said to be phenomenal women, not for what they did to survive but for always remembering that their children are their number priority. Dai Mah survived abuse and Sister Tse was sold by her mother for only a thousand dollars yet they both learned quickly how to survive and fear nothing.


I think this movie could touch a lot of hearts out there if marketed correctly, its fun, engaging, and constantly keeps making you wonder how will she end all of this the higher in the ranks she gets, loved every moment from the start.


Thank you for reading…

Director - Evan Jackson Leong

"I was inspired by the true story of Sister Ping and her being a snakehead in New York Chinatown"

Sister Tse comes to America through a Snakehead filled with regret of finding her daughter however she faces complex situations before her truth is revealed.
Sung Kang
Jade Wu
Shuya Chang
Perry Yung
Devon Diep

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