One Piece Episode 998 – Zeus Treason, The Cornered Nami.

Ladies and Gentlemen, back like we never left, back with another hot episode of One Piece, let us get right into it, shall we.


With all the chaos going on Momonosuke is still on the executions logs waiting for someone to get him down but two of Kaido’s top executives are keeping watch of him, King and Queen, and whilst Queen is in charge of security, answering all the Den Den Mushi snails, King seems to be assessing the situation on the lower floors just to make sure nothing unexpected happens.


And so with Queen constantly getting these ridiculous calls of more samurai entering the castle, Queen can’t seem to keep his composure, he makes so much noise that Shinobu can sneak behind him and King and unchain Momonosuke with her “Mature Mature” devil fruit which ages anything Shinobu wishes to age, let me explain that her devil fruit can only age going forward to backward.

As the first chain cracks, the noise is heard by King who quickly grabs Shinobu by her head before she could crack the second chain and is thrown off the performance floor hitting one of the buildings on her way down and loses consciousness for a moment before falling to the ground.


Yet once we return to Momonosuke, we see the other chains break unexpectedly and get a small glimpse of a man’s leg-breaking the rest of the chains. King and Queens are astonished by this, as it appears that Momonosuke is flying in the air moving away from them. King decides to be the one to execute Momonosuke on behalf of Kaido seeing that he started moving as well and to our surprise, King’s attack is blocked by another user of flame, our woman-loving man Sanji in his “Germa 66” Raid Suit is the one rescuing Momonosuke and quickly throws the young boy onto Shinobu before the clash between him and King erupts.
King shows us once again why he is Kaido’s righthand man within the Beasts Pirates by quickly turning into his Zoan devil fruit and crashing Sanji into a building without any effort whatsoever, this clearly shows the gap in strength between the two.


Luffy sees Sanji being dealt with which ease is quick to understand the situation they are in, they aren’t just dealing with any other pirates here, they are dealing with the Emperors of the seas, the top of the food chain, which means even their henchmen are formable. Luffy quickly instructs Yamato to protect Momonosuke and which she asks if she should, forgetting that since she sees herself as none other than ” Kozuki Oden”, it naturally would mean to protect him as he is your son right.


Big Mom is still after Luffy, once reaching him all the memories of how Luffy destroyed her Tea Party and Wedding cake send her into a rage, and with her next attack almost destroys a quarter of the castle, the attack is so powerful that even the other samurai seem to be injected with memories as if they have heard of her before, not to forget Wano is closed off so they’ve never heard of her but the fear is real lol…
Big Mom surprised with seeing Luffy dodge her first attack intends to use her second with Zeus but as she calls out to him, Zeus is nowhere to be found, only to see that Nami has stolen Zeus once again and running away with him, Big Mom doesn’t take too kindly to people taking things from her, leaving Luffy behind her attention turns towards Nami and Zeus chasing the two.


As Big Mom grabs Zeus with one hand, Nami gives Zeus an ultimatum between her and Big Mom but Zeus is part of Big Mom’s soul so he can not disobey her, and with that Big Mom is abo to make chard meat out of Nami when out of the blue Brook and Franky on his bike knocks out Big Mom, leaving the entire room speechless lol…
Listen, out of all the Emperors of the seas, Oda likes to use Big Mom as a gag honestly and it’s not bad since this is what One Piece has been all about for over 20 years so for anyone feeling otherwise regarding this situation, I get it but you can’t take it personally. Big Mom will always be an emperor, I mean even Gol D Roger evaded her on Whole Cake Island. No one seems to want to deal with Big Mom because when it comes right down to it, she’s a beast.


This episode felt like its main focus was Big Mom and the Sanji situation, am I the only one who thinks Sanji feels different when he wears the Raid Suit? The look in his eyes feels like a lot is going on behind it all. 


Thank you for reading…

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