One Piece Episode 1004 – An Inherited Technique, Unleashing Oden’s Secret Swordplay.

One Piece Episode 1004 – An Inherited Technique, Unleashing Oden’s Secret Swordplay can very well be the best Christmas gift from Author Eiichiro Oda and production company, Toei Animations as it is one of my favorite moments in the Land of Wano.
With the castle in chaos and Queen raining hell on enemy and ally with his new plague bullets, turning all who have been shot by them into blue Oni looking creatures and going berserk on the ground floors.
The war is far from over, Luffy and Sanji are on their way to the roof to assist Oden’s retainers who are currently in a fierce duel against the strongest creature in the world, Emperor Kaido.
Yamato is still running after Momonosuke and Shinobu in an attempt to protect him however Shinobu doesn’t trust Yamato one bit, aside from her constantly proclaiming to be Oden herself, she is also the daughter of Kaido, the reason for their pain and the Land of Wano’s terrible fall to peril.
As Black Moria plays The Shamisen, Oden’s retainers and Kaido prepare to clash once again. One after the other each of the retainers attack Kaido with their signature abilities, Kaido admits that their skills in swordplay aren’t as refined as Oden’s yet they’re able to cut him, why is that?
As Kaido feels overconfident that nothing they do will hurt him, Raizo displays a new ability with his scrolls, he absorbs Kaido’s Blast Breath, sealing it in his scroll then wrapping the massive scroll around Kaido and returning the attack to Kaido which brings the dragon to the ground.
Kinemon reminisces about the day their late lord had offered to teach all of them his secret two swordplay technique but they couldn’t decide as to whom may inherit it as they all saw themselves as Oden’s favorite.
However, even if they didn’t learn it directly from him, they lived with this man, ate from the same pot, laughed and cried together, it’s only natural that they practiced on their own, looking at everything he did they already knew it but didn’t show it until this very moment.
The episode quickly escalates into an amazing action scene with four of the 9 retainers using Oden’s Secret Swordplay technique, Paradise Totsuka which Oden used to give Emperor Kaido his first scare, and now the retainers using it again on the same scare, leaving Kaido in great agony as the episode ends.
This episode was full of amazing animation, Kaido is are durable as they come, after such fierce attacks and the retainers have my respect for their unshakable spirit.
Next week is a special episode to end the year on, looking forward to it. 
Wishing you and your families a Merry Festive holiday.
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