One Piece Episode 1001 – A Risky Invitation, A Plot to Eliminate Queen!

With the war on Onigashima still ongoing and the Straw Hat Pirates all together, X Drake and Hawkins are watching things unfold from their private room.


X Drake is thinking of Cody’s words mentioning how amazing Luffy is even though he’s a marine, while Hawkins is predicting someone’s future with his Tarot cards. Hawkins tells X Drake that a particular man has only 1 percent of surviving till daylight. 


As the two are conversing, Whos-Who appears and asks Drake to follow him, it seems that throughout the chaos in the castle, some individuals want to betray each other as no one would know who the culprit is.


Queen on the other hand is questioning what could have possibly happened at Udon prison as all the prisoners are out and here at the castle, he thinks to himself about the conversation he had with Babanuki and can’t comprehend why he lied to him, it can’t be blackmail as Babanuki sounded alright, something isn’t adding up.


King tells Queen that he won’t blame him for this as he already knows how brainless Queen is lol… King is so cold it amazes me as he has fire his back, man should have ice instead.


We return to Whos-Who and Drake who confront Queen as he’s alone, Whos-Who admits to Queen that he knows who the traitor amongst them is, he points his pistol at Queen as Drake points his sword as well, Queen feeling ambushed seems scared and falls to the ground, calling out for his “Mama” lol but that is all part of the act as Whos-Who shoots Drake in the arm.


Drake is perplexed at what just happened and asks what’s going on, to which Queen and Whos-Who reply with the same question, it’s revealed that the man who released Law from his prison cell was none other than Drake himself. There was a guard at the cells that Drake hadn’t noticed and saw him release Law, now they want to know who’s he working with, he can either tell them or Queen can torture him.


Hawkins reveals to Drake that the man with the 1 percent of survival is him all along, as Drake is bleeding on the floor he keeps thinking of “Hope” as remembers Cody again, with this, Drake throws Queen with a grenade and escapes the room, jumping off the balcony.


At the same time, the Straw Hats see the giants that resemble Oars that they once fought at Thriller Bark and how it took all of them to bring it done. Luffy running towards the giant says things are different and we are shown one beautiful animation with Luffy knocking out the giant in one punch, Drake at the same time knocks out the other giant with his signature attack, X Cannon and reveals to Luffy that his fighting alone but would like ally with them.


So much is happening at Onigashima, Two Emperors, All-Stars, Tobi Roppo, samurai rebellion, the worst generation, etc.


I remember a saying Oda once said about the Wano war-making Marine Ford seems like a filler and I can humbly say I understand it, Wano is going to be so long yet changing to the story in ways none of us can expect. It truly feels like we are in the endgame of One Piece and I’m not ready for it to end.

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