Tekken Bloodline

Tekken: Bloodline

Director Yoshikazu Miyao has just accomplished the impossible by creating one of the best arcade game to animation adaptations in Netflix history by the name of – Tekken Bloodline.
Tekken which can also be translated as “Iron Fist” is a series of fighting/arcade video games that is developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, first released in December 1994.
However, in Tekken Bloodline, we follow the events that follow after the second King of Iron Fist Tournament leading up to the third, Tekken 3; which was released exclusively on the PlayStation brand.
In these six-part episodes of Tekken Bloodline, we follow the events of one of the franchise’s most beloved characters, Jin Kazama, a young martial artist living with his mother Jun Kazama in Yakushima.
One night, a mysterious figure by the name of Orge appears out of nowhere, killing Jun Kazama in the process.
Jin Kazama, who’s left alone, filled with rage and hatred for Orge is left with no options but to seek his grandfather out and seek tutoring from the head of the Mishima himself, Heihachi Mishima.
Now that we’ve got all the nitty-gritty out of the way, let’s talk about this incredible season.
First off, the 2D animation, staying real to the Tekken franchise through and through might seem a bit unorthodox but it is the smartest feature of this series.
At first, I had my reservations about the 2D animation designs but right off the bat on the first episode, I saw it, I saw Tekken for what it is, a 2D arcade fighting game, and I loved it.
Story-wise/lore of Tekken Bloodline, I do advise you to go in with an open mind as a casual viewer and for those that are fans of the Tekken franchise to lessen your expectations.
This is after all an adaptation of a video game originally, following events from Tekken 2 leading up to Tekken 3.
What I found enjoyable about the lore and the series as a whole is that they explored the perspectives of both Jin Kazama and Heihachi Mishima that are left to the player to fill in the missing pieces in the games.
So far, I am undecided on whether the Devil Gene is or should be regarded without a doubt as evil; as Jin Kazama, the second known user of the power is not completely evil, though that power seems to be triggered by anger and rage.
Whereas, Kazuya Mishima is seen and known as the epitome of evil due to the Devil Gene.
But I think it goes deeper, I believe Kazuya Mishima is seen as evil only because of his upbringing.
Due to Heihachi training Kazuya to hone his Mishima Martial Art-Style, which thrives on everything is power, Kazuya was easily consumed by the power of the Devil Gene.
Though, Jin Kazama was taught by his mother Jun Kazama to not let anger consume him, that you only lose a battle when you lose the battle within yourself.
In other words, Heihachi is the sole reason that his son Kazuya turned to the Devil Gene and lost himself in the process.
Love seeing some of the fan-favorite characters such as Marshall Law, King, Paul Phoenix, and Hwoarang. The effort to elaborate the friendship between Hwoarang, Ling Xiaoyu, and Jin Kazama was simple yet effective.
You’ve got to appreciate the marvelous work animation studios Larx Entertainment and Studio Hibari put into this project, keeping everything we love about the Tekken series alive.
Such as the combos that each unique character has, the lightining effects of the Mishima Style, King’s grappling style, etc. Phenomenal work that deserves much praise.
I hope there will be a season two at some point leading up to Tekken 4.
Not to mention, Jin’s crazy training with Heihachi was just insane, there is a reason why this man is the main character of the franchise after the third installment and this series explains and explores every reason why.
Let me know in the comments section below what some of your favorite moments in Tekken Bloodlines are.
Thanks for reading, truly appreciate it.Tekken Bloodline

Yoshikazu Miyao

"I'm going to Iron Fist, and you're in my way." Quote from -- Jin Kazama

Follow the events that lead up to Tekken 3. When a mysterious figure appears before Jun and Jin Kazama’s home, things take a quick turn that leaves Jin Kazama seeking his grandfather Heihachi Mishima in hopes of avenging his mother.
Isshin Chiba
Mamiko Noto
Taiten Kusunoki
Hidenari Ugaki
Hochu Otsuka
Yasuhiro Kikuchi
Masanori Shinohara
Masayuki Hirai
Toshiyuki Morikawa
Maaya Sakamoto
Seiko Yoshida
Yumi Toma

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