Turning Red

Ladies and gentlemen, if your “Pixar” and “Disney” fan then you have come to the right place as today I’ll be reviewing “Turning Red“, the animation film that has taken the young and youth by storm across all social media platforms.


The story’s focus is on a 13-year-old Asian girl called “Mei Lee” growing up in Canada and is about to start the next part in her life “Puberty” whereas she discovers new things about herself and may want to hide some of these things from her parents because no matter how naughty or terrible children are, they still want to be looked at as innocent until proven otherwise by their parents.
Mei Lee despite being 13 years old still follows her parent’s every rule, doing chores, running errands, and even working alongside her mother at their family shrine which they’ve taken care of for generations, and is only natural that she will inherit it as well but her friends feel that Mei Lee is brainwashed as she never has time chill with them after school and do things together.
Her friends are quite the interesting trio, we have Miriam the reasonable, down-to-earth one in the group, Priya the say what you want goth, you’d swear she’s half-asleep most of the time and lastly we have Abby, the ADHD adrenaline high one in the group.
Her friends mean will and are trying to have Mei Lee join them in their activities after school however Mei is more focused and driven by the need to please her parents with perfections with everything she does, she believes that anything either than 100 percent isn’t enough and doesn’t want to disappoint her mother “Ming Lee” especially.
Pixar’s animation quality is the first thing you’ll love about this movie from the get-go, the amazing attention to detail of not only the characters but the city of Canada as well also shines through in this film. Whether or not it’s better than its other previous movies doesn’t matter, it’s Pixar and they always put in 100 percent effort when making their movies.
Every character in the film has something unique about them but I can’t seem to stop thinking about Abby, her abundance of energy, when she’s happy, makes me believes she eats a lot of sweet things, and then when things go back she automatically starts talking in Japanese is hella-hilarious.
Or how about Priya, the seemingly quiet one amongst the group of four who’s only ever loud when it involves something she’s passionate about. She comes off as a goth but doesn’t wear dark make-up and clothes. Lest we forget, Ming Lee, Mei Lee’s mother who’s not only overly protective of her daughter but seems to lose her nerve at the most insignificant things.
But Mei Lee can’t help but keep her feelings to herself rather than talk to her mother about her interests as most children feel that their parents would not understand them and kill them in the process lol… This film dedicates its message and theme about expressing oneself as key to growing up and finding one’s true self.
Whether your parents or friends disapprove of your true self should not hold you back from expressing how you feel and how you truly feel in that moment, always be you, always express yourself because once you started bottling up your feelings you are more likely to hurt someone or yourself when all those emotions burst out one day. You might even lose yourself.
There have been a few reviews out regarding the narrow-minded direction of this film, some saying the movie is focused only on a certain majority of the “Woke” youth out there however I disagree with this narrative, take what you will from it but do not deny that we all had to grow up and express ourselves, however, which way you did we all founds ways to express yourselves.
This movie came out of the blue and I had no idea what to expect going into it but what I found was my yin to my yang, balance.
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Director - Domee Shi

"There are a lot of snap zooms and whip pans, it's kind of a character of its own."

Mei Lee is a 13-year-old girl who is torn between being her mother’s obedient daughter and the chaos of her youth. As if that were not enough, when she gets too excited, she turns into a big charming red panda.
Rosalie Chiang
Maitreyi Ramakrishnan
Sandra Oh
Addie Chandler
Ava Morse
James Hong

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