First of all, as someone who’s only played the second and third installments of “Uncharted” on PlayStation, I still have to stay; this is a beautiful portrayal of what makes the Uncharted franchise so majestical.


Tom Holland, this man has a talent indeed. He played his role as (Nathan Drake) to such great detail, his personality to the teeth, and to think there was once a video of Tom a few years ago, talking about the films he’d love to be on and you guessed it, “Uncharted” was one of the films he mentioned. Dreams do come true.
Anyone that’s played any “Uncharted” game will know “Nathan Drake” has a certain charm and elegance about his character and Tom Holland brought all those traits we love about Nathan into real life.
A lot of times when a studio decides to adapt a game into a movie, things don’t go so well, leaving a sour taste in the mouths of the fans but “Uncharted” is none of those. Director “Ruben Fleischer” with “Columbia Pictures” and “Playstation Productions” has done an incredible job.
What I loved the most about the film is that they stayed true to what Uncharted is all about. Fans of the “Uncharted” games will tell you one thing, every game starts with Nathan in the worst-case scenario and then goes back to where everything started. This is an “Uncharted” specialty and I love that it was done perfectly just like the games. 
The action is always on the go, the treasure is always a sight to behold and the betrayals are endless. Trust is a no-no in Uncharted, I learned this from the second installment. So far as to bring the three major characters from the game Chloe, Nathan and Victor was a great choice from the director as these three characters have been in the game from the very beginning.
There might be some fans out there wondering if the film is based on the first game story-wise and direction however, this film is a total original. Nothing about the film has any similarities with the first game of Uncharted but that isn’t a bad thing.
The games should stay as they are and the films can take whatever route they want, as long as they stay true to what Uncharted and its characters are all about.
Mark Walberg played the role of Victor “Sully” Sullivan to the best of his ability. I enjoyed his version of the game character very much so. Technologically challenged but a great thief without a doubt, giving “Nate” all the dos and don’ts of the treasure thief syndicate.
Watching Chloe and Sully, two thieves that don’t trust one another trying to work together when every fiber in their body is telling them not to trust the other is brilliant to see.
Overall, the pacing was great. Never a dull moment in the film to make you question why you’re still watching it. The story is very interesting and the characters are all a joy to watch. Especially “Tati Gabrielle” and her fine self. Loved watching her slay.
Not only is she alluring to watch but also deadly if you cross lol… Can’t wait for the second installment of the franchise.
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Director - Ruben Fleischer

“I felt very lucky even while it was a video game adaption to have the opportunity to make a great treasure hunting film.”

Victor Sullivan recruits street-smart Nathan Drake to help recover a 500 year old lost fortune amassed by explorer Ferdinand Magellan
Tom Holland
Sophia Taylor Ali
Mark Wahlberg
Tati Gabrielle
Antonio Banderas
Steven Waddington

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