The Batman

If there is any credit you can give to “DC Comics” on its films, that will be when “The Batman” gets to have all the screen time to himself with no other hero to outshine the “Dark Knight”, especially the man with an “S” symbol on his chest.


As a DC Comics fan myself I just wish that all other DC Comics heroes had been given the same amount of time and focus in their movies, because if we’re being honest with ourselves, Batman and “Superman” are the only heroes that get such deep in-depth detail about their origins and progress in films.
Now what I loved about this film is that it addresses not only The Batman’s opinion to the public but also to himself. Unlike most films of the Batman who is already a figure of hope to the public, this film goes back in time while Falcone was still running “Gotham” from the shadows and Batman was still a young man with a lot of rage and anger he had to deal with.
We are presented with both sides of Bruce Wayne in this film, the young man being eaten by his torment and anger, and the masked vigilante better known as the greatest detective in Gotham.
We see this when he arrives at the late mayor’s home full of police detectives who can’t solve anything until the man of vengeance himself enters and solves all the Riddler’s puzzles with some help from Alfred, which can’t be denied as a very powerful moment for the “Prince of Gotham” and his father figure Butler.  
Zoe Kravitz playing the role of “Selina Kyle/Catwoman” can only be described as a blessing, that walk is the only reason why I love seeing Selina Kyle in her costume, however the CGI effects whenever she fights were always a bit off and it’s as if they weren’t trying to hide it either.
Colin Farrell was an absolute joy to watch as “Penguin”, the man had the humor and charisma of the Penguin we see in a lot of animation and games of the Batman. It’s so hard to hate him even though he’s a villain but I enjoyed his performance a lot.
We also get to see a lot of character development for both “Bruce Wayne” and James Gordon played by (Jeffrey Wright) and how their relationship develops over their encounters.
The “Riddler” played by (Paul Dano) is an understandable yet tragic character in all elements. He is smart, cunning, and meticulous with his plan to change Gotham. In a lot of ways, it’s because of him and what lead him to think that Batman and himself are “one in the same” that helped Bruce Wayne figure out what he wants to be for the city of Gotham.
By far some of the best visuals I’ve seen since “The Batman Trilogy”. The story is relatable in so many ways, the “Renewable” project which was supposed to be used for the people of Gotham was being used by corrupt officials like in so many countries today.
What a phenomenal film, beginning to end. Director: Matt Reeves, Cinematography: Greig Fraser has gone above and beyond in the making of this one. The pacing was great, the visuals were great and the characters are amazing.
What a Movie, WOW.
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Director - Matt Reeves

"His drug is his addiction to this drive for revenge. He’s like a Batman Kurt Cobain.”

A young Bruce Wayne has to unmask the corrupt officials in Gotham, this not only reveals his family legacy but also makes Bruce question what kind of symbol he wants to be for the City of Gotham.
Robert Pattinson
Zoe Kravitz
Paul Dano
Jeffrey Wright
John Turturro
Andy Serkis

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