The Great Battle

Witness the epic conflict that led China to never again set foot on Korean soil in – The Great Battle, Also Known As Ansisung by Author Mo Hong-jin.
Released on the 19th of September 2018 in South Korea by distributor Next Entertainment World (NEW) and is directed by Kim Kwang-sik.
In the late 7th century, Yang Man-chun and his Goguryeo troops fight to protect Ansi Fortress from a siege by soldiers of the Tang Empire in an epic battle that spans 88 days.
The Great Battle introduces itself with a beautifully choreographed battle, giving you a sample of the chaotic nature that lies ahead.
Can you imagine the disadvantage of One hundred and fifty thousand Gogureyo troops going up against half a million Tang Soldiers?
It’s in this disarray of chaos that we met Sa-mul played by Nam Joo-hyuk, a young soldier from Goguryeo and one of the few survivors who bravely went into battle against the Tang Empire in an open field – resulting in a completely one-sided massacre.
As we met the Commanding General of the Goguryeo Army, it is implied that there is one particular General from Ansi Fortress that had refused to join up with the Army and as a result, it is because of this man’s selfishness that they lost.
Sa-mul who was born in Ansi Fortress is then given the mission of infiltrating Ansi Fortress and tasked with the assassination of General Yang Man-chun.
However, upon completing his first mission of infiltration he becomes conflicted because the General Yang Man-chun he sees in front of his eyes is not the coward that the Commanding General said he was Yang Man-chun is seen as a leader amongst leaders.
Yang Man-chun is a man of character, principle, and bravery. He cares for his people and it is emphasized that he is Ansi Fortress itself and without him, Ansi is no Fortress at all.
Though this is just the premise of The Great Battle, the film itself has a lot more to offer, one of which is the amazing prolonged fight scenes which will require great ingenuity to solve.
Never in my wildest dreams would I think a group of five thousand men and women could hold a fort against half a million and yet when you see the creativity, bravery, and resourcefulness to keep them at bay – it will blow your mind.
I felt as though I was on the edge of my seat during every battle.
The movie has its high and low moments too but it’s the determination from both Armies that truly surprised me, Li Shimin even though at a disadvantage of height, wouldn’t give up but instead decided that he would build his mountain to have the upper hand.
Whilst the Ansi Amry thought to itself if you have the advantage of height, then we’ll just have to find a way around that is truly mindboggling. I couldn’t believe the innovative solutions that came up during the 7th Century.
The character of Yang Man-chun is well written alongside his four best men of which some are hilarious to see, while others are serious and well others all they could think about was love lol…
To conclude The Great Battle review, it’s a historic film aimed at a mature audience who loves military strategic movies – it has inspiring moments that allow you to view the human spirit as a tremendous force that once it’s made its choice, nothing can move it aside.
I give The Great Battle a 3.5 out of 5 rating.
Thank you for reading another review from, LSR.
Until next time, stay blessed.The Great Battle
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Kim Kwang-sik

In Korea there is a very limited number of books available about this period of history, there are maybe only two books that are available, so there is very little information. I had to study and read almost 100 books from Japan and China about these battle scenes surrounding the fortress, so it was quite a lot of research.

In the late 7th-century, Yang Man-chun and his Goguryeo troops fight to protect Ansi Fortress from siege by soldiers of the Tang empire in an epic battle that spans 88 days.
  • Nam Joo-hyuk
  • Seol-Hyun Kim
  • Jung Eun-chae
  • Zo In-sung
  • Dong-il Sung
  • Park Sung-woong
  • Byeong-eun Park
  • Tae-goo Eom
  • Bae Seong-woo
  • Jung Eun-chae
  • Sung Dong-il
  • Soojak Films
  • Studio & New
  • Next Entertainment World (NEW)
  • 2h 15mins


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