The Witcher: Season 2

Henry Cavill, Freya Allan, and Anya Chalotra return on the highly anticipated season 2 of The Witcher.


Geralt sets off on a journey with Ciri that leads him to an old friend who has been cursed to appear with the face of a warthog and makes it impossible to die after the battle of Sodden which resulted in the loss of the Nilfgaardians defeat.


Ciri is still hiding some information from Geralt about her potential in being a mage and feels that is always being protected when want she wants to know is how to fight monsters and become a witcher like Geralt.


Yennefer of Vengerberg now powerless is captured by the Elfs along with Fringilla are forced to work together if they both want to survive the wrath of the Elfs who have had their entire land taken from them and are left to sleep in forests for their protection.


After the battle of Sodden Tissaia de Vries searches the corpses of the Nilfgaardians knights’ memories for any signs of Yennefer but comes short, she is told that Yennefer is dead but Tissaia doesn’t want to believe it.


Even though the Netflix series of The Witcher falls short in comparison to the source material, some events have been changed to suit the series adaption and make a clearer understanding for those who have not played the games or read the books.


My only challenge or for better words my only argument with season 2 is the approach they took in the openings of each episode, for example, after watching episode 2 and going onto 3, it would feel like there was something you missed in the previous episode.


The pacing and directing are beautiful even some of the scenes are magical. The story is marvelously told and the world-building is nothing but gold.


I still hear some people are not happy with the choice of the cast but let us remember The Witcher is a very broad book and not everything can be added into the series, it just wouldn’t make sense in terms of the studio budget. So appreciate the cast we do have and let’s keep supporting Netflix for bringing our favorite shows to life.


Towards the end of the season Yennefer gets her powers back at a great cost, Geralt is starting to understand the importance of Ciri and her potential however he isn’t the only one to know. The world is forever changed with new monsters appearing and the Elfs have lost all hope and started taking matters into their own hands.


Season 3 is sure to be unforgettable if the studio keeps at its current pace, hopefully, it doesn’t take years to return to our screens.
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