Castlevania Season 1

A vampire hunter, magician sorcerer, and Dracula‘s half-vampire half-human son fight to save a besieged city from an army of otherworldly demon beasts controlled by Dracula himself. Inspired and remade from the classic video games.
Summary for season one is greatly focused on the events that lead to Dracula unleashing his countless beasts upon the world and the heroes of the series meeting together to save humanity. 


Dracula had been living alone in his castle for so many years, wary of humans and their greedy and continuous violence amongst themselves. One day, a woman walks up to his door asking for him to teach her how to heal the sick. She proposes that if he would be willing to teach her how to cure the sick then she would teach him how to live like humans, which Dracula finds interesting.

Years later we find out Dracula has married the human woman and she is healing people through medicine, such as herbs and plants but the church hears of her healing miracles and decides to question her regarding her methods of which lead to her arrest whilst Dracula himself was away, moving around cities like normal humans do, by walking.
Upon his return, Dracula finds out that the church has arrested his wife and burned her alive at the stake for being a witch, which then infuriates the lord of vampires himself. Dracula appears out of the flames that have burned his wife to ashes and declares that he will bring massacre and carnage to the people if they do not remove themselves from the city in a year. We are then shown a figure that disagrees with Dracula and intends to stop him but is stuck down.
We then meet the main protagonist of the story, Trevor Belmont, the last surviving dependent from a long linage of vampire hunters who have fallen from grace, resulting in him constantly hiding his linage from society and drinking all day, every day even on a Sunday.
It is with a fateful encounter with a group of speakers that Trevor Belmont decides to rescue the second protagonist Sypha Belnades who is not only a speaker but a sorcerer as well, she can create a cast, control elements at will. Together they decide to search for the legendary figure that is said to once awakened will kill Dracula himself.
It is only once they find their legendary messiah that they realize that figure is non-other than Alucard Tepes, Dracula’s son, the same figure that tried to persuade him before enacting his anger on the world. 
The three of them decide to work together to save the people, leading to season 2.

For a four-episode season, Castlevania season one gets straight to the point but not without much laughter and questioning moments all starting from episode 2. I fell in love with the show once Trevor and Sypha met, their meetings and conversation always made me laugh out of my mind, they are so different yet the same in so many ways, you can’t help but love them.
Trevor seems to have lost all hope in humanity but is shown the light through Sypha’s fluorescence to live a more fulfilling and exciting life, rather than traveling from one town to another just spreading the word.
Don’t let the four episodes fool you, season one is more of an introduction to season 2, it gets all the players together to get to the magic is extends in with seasons.