• The Super Mario Bros

    The Super Mario Bros. Movie

    Brace yourself for a heart-pumping, visually captivating, and spontaneous adventure in – The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Featuring nothing but the best in voiceovers from a phenomenal cast starting with Jack Black, Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day and so much more. Adapted from Nintendo’s Mario video game franchise, The Super Mario Bros. Movie was released on the 5th of April 2023 by distributor Universal Pictures, and produced by Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment. The film features an origin story for the brothers Mario and Luigi, Italian-American plumbers who are transported to an alternate world and become entangled in a battle between the Mushroom Kingdom, led by Princess Peach voiced by…

  • Love to Hate You

    Love to Hate You

    Love to Hate You directed by Kim Jung-kwon is one of South Korea’s most talked about and viewed Rom-Com opened up the year, starring Kim Ok-bin, Teo Yoo, Kim Ji-hoon, and Ko Won-hee. The series consists of 10 episodes with the first episode to have aired on the 10th of February 2023 and can be watched on the streaming platform Netflix. We follow the lives of Nam Kang-ho played by Teo Yoo, an A-list actor who’s famous in South Korea for his romantic roles but secretly distrusts all women, and Yeo Mi-ran played by Kim Ok-bin, who’s an attorney that despises losing to men and, love means nothing; that is…

  • 3000 Years of Longing

    Three Thousand Years of Longing

    George Miller returns with his most recent directorial role in Three Thousand Years of Longing, inspired by the work of British Novelist A. S. Byatt. Three Thousand Years of Longing was released on the 26th of August 2022 by distributing companies – Metro Goldwyn Mayer and Roadshow Entertainment. Featuring an incredibly talented cast such as Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton. We follow the events of a lonely narratologist played by Tilda Swinton, who on her trip to Istanbul discovers a Djinn played by Idris Elba that promises to make three of her wishes come true in exchange for his freedom. George Miller does a meticulous approach at the beginning of…

  • Eve


    Director Bong-Sub Park’s latest work with writer Young Mi-Yoon is a powerful declaration about love and revenge in the Korean series Eve. This series was produced by production companies Studio Dragon, C-JeS Entertainment, and TVN and released on the 1st of June 2022 with the last episode having aired on the 21st of July 2022, and consisting of 16 episodes in total. For the focus of the series, the main plot revolves around a young lady by the name of Lee La-El played by Seo Yea-Ji, and the chairman of LY Group, Kang Yoon-Kyum played by Byeong-eun Park. Lee La El at a young age witnessed her father’s brutal torture…

  • Movie

    Marry Me

    Pop superstar Kat Valdez is about to get married before an audience of her loyal fans. However, seconds before the ceremony, she learns about her fiancé’s cheating ways and has a meltdown on stage.   As she gazes out to the audience, professing her dreams and reality of love, her eyes lockdown upon Charlie Gilbert. The Mathematician teacher only showed up to Kat Valdez’s concert because of the need of wanting to bond and get closer with his daughter Lou.   If there’s anything I love about Jennifer Lopez, it must be her heart. Jennifer Lopez is always pushing the notion of never giving up and pushing forward, whether it be in films…

  • Series

    Final Space

    Olan Rogers has created a masterpiece in the three-season we got from Final Space and at first, I was wary of the first season, even comparing it to another popular series “Rick and Morty” with its similar art style and aesthetics, however, if you give it chance it may very well be your kind of show. We are first introduced to Gary, a human who’s been imprisoned on the Galaxy One serving a five-year sentence for destroying over 92 spaceships and impersonating an Infinity Guard all to impress Officer Quinn Ergon.   We also met KVN, who’s Gary Goodspeed’s Deep Space Insanity Avoidance Companion, H.U.E, the Galaxy One’s AI who…

  • Series

    Castlevania Season 1

    A vampire hunter, magician sorcerer, and Dracula‘s half-vampire half-human son fight to save a besieged city from an army of otherworldly demon beasts controlled by Dracula himself. Inspired and remade from the classic video games.   Summary for season one is greatly focused on the events that lead to Dracula unleashing his countless beasts upon the world and the heroes of the series meeting together to save humanity.  Dracula had been living alone in his castle for so many years, wary of humans and their greedy and continuous violence amongst themselves. One day, a woman walks up to his door asking for him to teach her how to heal the sick.…

  • Movie

    Free Guy

      Now if there’s anything we know about Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy it would be that comedy and laughter are to be expected, whether it comes in the forms of making Ryan Reynolds a badass assassin with his mouth sealed shut or an international triple AAA bodyguard that lost his license, you should always expect to laugh your stomach out and in Free guy, it comes with a twist.   Free Guy director is Shawn Levy who’s known for his many comedic relief films such as Night At The Museum, The Interns, and The Pink Panther. Shawn Levy was the producer of the hit Sci-Fi Flim Arrival, which earned him an Academy Award…