Dark: Season 2

Ladies and Gentlemen, I just finished watching the second season of “Dark” and I have a lot to talk about this season’s finale.
First of all, let me say, all of my reviews are based on own my perspective about the show, I’m neither trying to be right nor wrong with my reviews, I am simply sharing my opinion and view from my point of view.
With that out of the way, let us begin. Season two of Dark was a thriller from beginning to end, with twists and turns in every episode, authentic, and then some shady questionable moments in others but none had me like the last three episodes, episodes six, seven, and eight.
Episode six speaks for itself honestly, a lot of reveals and secrets were brought into the light to the audience, like the first affair between Ulrich and Hannah or how the first kiss between Jonas and Martha came from a different Jonas altogether.
I stay with my opinion from my last review when I say, Ulrich is certainly the most tragic character in this series. To be betrayed like that by someone you grew up with, someone you called a friend, a lover perhaps, how many more knives does Ulrich have to experience really.
Now that Hannah has decided to stay in the past under a false name, I wonder what her role in all of this is. All I know for sure is that Hannah is a woman scorned, a pathological liar, and maybe the instigator of a lot of things that happened the way they did. It’s either her way or the highway.
Meeting the “Travelers” was something else though, I never would have imagined Magnus, Agnes, and Franziska being part of this cult, Dark just has a way of making you doubt anyone you meet in this series, you question what’s their origin, their motives and purpose in all this, which is amazing.
Dark has done what a lot of series fail at accomplishing in their second seasons, which is keeping the audience’s interest like their first season. Where most series fail to impress, Dark just shines ever brighter.
Now the Charlotte paradox is crazy. I didn’t see this one coming from a mile away. Charlotte was born in the future yet is the daughter of Elisabeth Doppler, the daughter she’s raising is just ludicrous lol… This series could drive you mad if you couldn’t comprehend what you’re watching.
As for Adam betraying Jonas, this was nothing special really, we have been told over and over again that Adam is not to be trusted, even by his older self but seeing a different Martha from a different world now is intriguing. It is no longer about when but what world. Season 3 here I come.
P.S the most dangerous thing in this series for me is getting a “letter” lol…, every time someone gives you a letter or shows you one, you should run away as quickly as possible. It’s probably a secret you don’t want to know.
Though I still have questions as to why the four kids that traveled to 1986 didn’t go back to their homes for proof but instead decided to stand around a bus stop all day, plot armor I guess.
Same with Mikkel who finally met his father Ulrich and just when they were about to escape to the cave they were cornered by the police. Why didn’t Mikkel say anything at that point? Does this have anything to do with the pills Ines Kahwald was slipping into Mikkel’s tea?
One last thing I want to mention, there is a lot of Identity theft this season and it seems the “Nielsen” last name, in particular, is favored amongst the travelers. I hope the final season explains the true origin of this city because right now my eyes are focused on the “Nielsen’s and Tiedemann”.
I will be back for the final season.
Thanks for reading…Dark

Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese

“It was all mapped out, but in the process we also allowed ourselves to be surprised by whatever shows up while we were writing."

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