True Story

Famous actor “Kid” played by Kevin Hart returns to his hometown on tour, situations turn for the worst after a night out of drinking with his brother Carlton played by Wesley Snipes and friends which could result in losing all that he has worked for in an instant.


I’m sure I am not the only one who’s been waiting to see Kevin Hart play a more serious role, aside from his comedy stand-ups and comedic roles in movies that don’t usually involve a lot of emotions in them. And after watching the first episode I was captivated.


The series keeps the audience wanting more with each episode but also makes you question some of the decisions made by Kevin Hart, like the moment he decided to commit murder, did it feel like it was the first time he had done so, hence after the murder he didn’t show any remorse, guilt whatsoever. 


Carlton was an interesting figure with all due respect and Wesley Snipes portrayed the character with such ease. Even though it was the first time the two actors had come together, there was so much chemistry between them, you’d think they’d done this before. Whoever said being the elder brother is easy surely hasn’t had any younger siblings.


As much as we can dislike Carlton for using his brother to bail him out of situations he got himself in and always crying to him for money, we can’t deny the fact that Carlton was proud of his younger brother and was willing to risk everything for him.


Kid on the other hand constantly feels that people want to take advantage of his success, whether it be family or friends. So already we can see the difference between the two brothers, water and oil aren’t enough to describe how different the brothers are to each other.


The moment that brought tears to my eyes is the moment Gene was used as a decoy by Carlton. Gene was an innocent fan who got caught up in his role models’ problems because of Carlton, it had me questioning, is it that easy to sell out the people that look up to you?


Though that was a stupid move by Carlton, what if Gene had told the Greeks that he was the one who’d given him the watch in the first place, then again we can see the desperation Carlton was in to make such a choice. Even though Carlton had set up his younger brother, he didn’t mean for things to go so far, and as the one who started this, he just wanted to protect Kid by taking out Gene.


The series tries to portray Carlton as the villain but who did Carlton murder? The reference of Adel and Cain is seriously presented wrong, in a biblical sense Cain murdered Adel out of jealousy, however in this series, Cain had protected Abel, yet Abel murdered Cain with his justification of protecting himself.


I loved each episode as short as they were, I enjoyed seeing Kevin Hart play a role more intense and loved seeing Wesley Snipes back on our screens.


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