Final Space

Olan Rogers has created a masterpiece in the three-season we got from Final Space and at first, I was wary of the first season, even comparing it to another popular series “Rick and Morty” with its similar art style and aesthetics, however, if you give it chance it may very well be your kind of show.


We are first introduced to Gary, a human who’s been imprisoned on the Galaxy One serving a five-year sentence for destroying over 92 spaceships and impersonating an Infinity Guard all to impress Officer Quinn Ergon.
We also met KVN, who’s Gary Goodspeed’s Deep Space Insanity Avoidance Companion, H.U.E, the Galaxy One’s AI who is responsible for making sure that Gary serves his prison sentence correctly.


At first, you’d think the show has no sort of direction nor interesting plot, that all changes when we meet Quiin Ergon, yes, the same Quinn that our Gary tried to impress and ended up with him in prison. She discovers that there was a breach in Time/Space near-Earth and none of her superiors in the Infinity Guard would assist her.


As she is hunted by her superiors when an unlikely ally shows himself to her rescue and is momentarily happy with the situation until she finds out that it’s the guy who destroyed over 92 spaceships all in the attempt to impress her, however, she doesn’t realize this at first as it’s been over 5 years and she’s completely moved on from that day.


Quinn is shown to be this tough exterior person who no man can even have a simple conversation with but what the audience doesn’t know till season 3 episode 5 is that Quinn didn’t want to be in the Infinity Guard, all this stems from her mother who was strict to the core but wanted the best for her daughters. She wanted her daughters to be strong both mentally and physically, unfortunately, this would result in her youngest daughter Avery, Quinn’s younger sister’s death.


For all the comedy relief the show presents, there are more serious and deeper issues at hand, the deaths of some major characters are so unexpected you wouldn’t predict it even if you tried. Abandonment issues, family drama, time and space, these are only some of the elements that the show addresses.


My honest thoughts are that, this is the craziest love story I have ever watched, I feel bad for Gary, to see the extreme lengths that this man would go to all in the name of love.
I don’t want to spoil a lot of things but I do want to share the character I fell in love it, as I found Gary annoying at times and KVN just straight-up insane, Tribore is a menace to society and I love it, in his own words, “No matter how much I try to bore you, I’m just too interesting” lol


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