Venom: Let There Be Carnage

As per Andy Serkis’s words, if you are in a relationship and your partner is driving you up the wall yet can’t live without them then Venom: Let there be carnage is the perfect couples therapy session, with popcorn and soft drinks at your own expense lol…


I can not begin to explain what a joke this film is, where do I even start? oh yes, how about we start with the first 30 mins of the film with nothing happening, we are shown scenes between Venom and Eddie in a constant tug of war on whether it’s right to eat humans or keep the chicken alive lol…


Tom Hardy seems even crazier in this film than in the first one, I mean you could see the toll Venom is having on him, literally, and if his room could also talk, oh wow the man would end up sleeping on the ceiling if I’m honest. Venom wants to live to his full potential, wants to be seen and eat more brains for breakfast while Eddie wants to live as a normal life as possible, and trust me, I understand where he’s coming from, Venom is a complete mess.


Cletus Kasady isn’t any less messed up than Venom, a matter of fact I think Venom and Kasady would have made a spectacular team, they both make no sense, are crazy in ways no one would understand besides themselves. 


What are Cletus Kasady’s powers before his jailbreak? And how did carnage fuse in his bloodstream when he bite Eddie, not the other way around?


My issue with comic-to-film adaptations is that most of them never stay true to the source material and just end up making one question everything rather than making it easier for the viewer who hasn’t seen the comic. Film adaptation should be a way to answer the questions that the comic may have or may have not properly gone about it but instead, with this film we are felt with more questions than answers. 


For example, why is it that Venom was so honest when he said they’d die because it’s Red? What is the difference between Venom and Carnage aside from color? 


If any single person went to see this film alone, they’d want to stay single for the rest of their lives after seeing what it means to have no privacy lol…
I never felt any tension throughout this film which isn’t good whatsoever so my rating for “Venom: Let there be carnage” is 6 out of 10. The movie is all over the place, with no direction as to where are going, we spent more time in Eddie’s room than anywhere else in the city.


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Director - Andy Serkis

“It’s this Odd Couple bizarre sort of bromance, where they truly do kind of need each other."

Deranged serial killer Cletus Kasady invites reporter Eddie Brock for a scope that would change his entire life, yet is still struggling to coexist with the shape-shifting extraterrestrial Venom. 
Tom Hardy
Woody Harrelson
Michelle Williams
Naomie Harris
Stephen Graham
Reid Scott

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