Director Daniel Espinosa with partners Sony and Marvel have released their latest blockbuster film by the name of “Morbius”.


Now I have not seen any trailer for this film nor have any information as to what this film is about however the first thing I noticed is that it has something to do with vampires.
“Doctor” Michael Morbius was born with a weak body due to his DNA missing one element in its genes which prevented him from living a normal life like every other child out there but what he lacked in physical strength, he made up with intellect.
While in the care of “Doctor Emil Nicholas” played by (Jared Harris) as a young lad, Morbius meets “Milo” played by (Matt Smith) who too suffers from a weak body, and the two quickly bond over a conversation.
Michael promises Milo to find a cure for their medical condition and quickly becomes a doctor at an extraordinarily rapid pace, his even awarded for his creation of artificial blood by the King of Sweden but Michael doesn’t accept the award as his mission is more personal.
Behind the scene, Michael is mixing human blood with Vampire Bats’ blood to find a cure that both he and Milo are suffering from, however, this is unknown to the medical association. Only his assistant Martine Bancroft knows.
Now I have heard a lot of disappointing reviews about his film before I went into it myself and I was hoping that the people were wrong, that this movie had a lot more to offer but I was sadly mistaken.
The beginning was eerie so I expected something dark and it felt good, felt like I was watching the creation of Dracula and the power’s demonstration of what he could do was for me the highlight of the film.
Can we talk about the cops e.g “Simon Stroud” played by (Tyrese Gibson) and “Agent Rodriguez” by (Al Madrigal)? What exactly was the role of these two cops, I didn’t see them do anything than walk the entire movie.
Sure Agent Rodriguez brought with him a humorous persona full of sarcasm and Simon was serious throughout but what did they do during the film?
Michael Morbius on crutches was able to pull away from a cop’s grip, throw him to the ground, and jump levels over levels to the top of the building without anyone asking “how” or “what’s” going on? Really?
OKAY, enough about that one scene. Now, what killed the hype and started to bring me to understand the critics is when Milo was turned into the same creature as Michael “behind” the scene.
We never saw how Milo underwent the procedure which I believe killed a lot of the tension that was built up, it’s as the everything was rushed and perhaps they forgot about adding the scene, I don’t know but it was at that point that I started losing interest in the film altogether.
Or how about the scene right after the club where Milo attacks the men that were in the club. We could have seen what Milo’s capable off and how off the chains the serum has affected him however that as well was skipped.
From my perspective, Michael is a heat-seeking missile for blood and Milo was enjoying himself for the first time in a while in the train station.
To be frank, “Morbius” is a disappointment in many ways, the worst origin film in marvels history. One vampire beats another vampire with a Kamehameha wave blast made of bats, I don’t understand how that hurt him in any way but okay.
This film was rushed, that’s my conclusion, no build-ups, a tension killer at best, I found it pointless and couldn’t wait for it to end frankly with the same repeated visuals in every fight scene. 
I do not recommend this film to marvel fans.
Thanks for reading…Morbius

Daniel Espinosa

"I want Milo to be a bit more like Sid Vicious. If you look at his home, it's like he's trying to block out the world there. And then when he turns healthy, he just wants to consume the world.”

Jared Leto
Matt Smith
Adria Arjona
Jared Harris
Tyrese Gibson
Al Madrigal
Michael Morbius is born with a rare blood disease and is determined to find a solution for himself and others. However, what he creates next will change him forever.

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