Star Wars: Visions

Seven Japanese animation studios adapt their unique perspectives to the “Star Wars” universe in 9 original short stories from across the galaxy.


Star Wars is probably one of the most recognized franchises in the world with its many films and animation series such as Clone Wars, Bad Batch, and the Resistance.


And what I enjoyed about these short films was the unique elements of each episode, from the art style to the characters both consisting of Jedi’s and Siths, and a few well-known characters from the original Star Wars installments.


Each episode brought a different art style which oddly enough represented the specific episode greatly, by giving its profundity and own perspective, for example, the first episode had this black and white art style that tells you exactly when this could have occurred and why our protagonist is a Ronin.


But what I also think was another goal of Star Wars Visions is to give people hope in terms of unlike the original story where only a select few can be Jedi’s, Visions tried to illustrate that anyone can be a Jedi as “Episode 8 – Lop & Ocho” depicted. It has nothing to do with blood, it has nothing to do with heritage. Even a droid was able to become a Jedi, a very powerful one for the fact.


The short stories all vary, there is a story for those die-hard “Star Wars” fans as well as those who are just trying something new or want to see what’s Star Wars: Visions is all about. The only negative thing I’d say about this series is that I wish some of the episodes were longer, I without a doubt enjoyed every episode so much that I had hoped the twins from “Episode 3 -The Twins” were part of the main story.


Don’t go into “Star Wars: Visions” with expectations, these are all unique stories separate from the main story you know but given the chance, you might find exactly what you’ve been searching for without even knowing.


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