Red Notice

Red Notice is the highest level of an arrest warrant issued by The International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), reserved for the most wanted criminals.


In this film, Ryan Reynolds plays the character of the world’s greatest art thief when he targets the treasures that were a wedding gift from the Roman general Mark Antony to his true love the Egyptian queen Cleopatra but unfortunately for him, he is set up by his rival known as Bishop played Gal Gadot who leads Interpol directly to his private residence and is arrested.


I have mentioned before that ever since “Jungle Cruise” Dwayne Johnson has made an impression on me in the film industry and I was so happy to see that hasn’t changed but instead improved even more. I think the man has finally found what suits him, and his choices have been spot on magnificent in who he decides to play. For an FBI profiler, the man is so sophisticated, that should have been our first indication of what was going on underneath the sheep’s clothing.


Ryan Reynolds brings a lot of the comedy energy we love from him, even as an art thief, the man could almost play any role and turn it into a gem. One of the powerful lines I heard from him was when he was asked by John Hartley about why he does it and his answer was quite profound, it’s not about the money, it’s about letting the world know who did it. That he existed, which I found very powerful and that connects with his childhood experiences.


Gal Gadot as the current world’s greatest art thief brought a new fresh element into the roles she normally plays. Most of the roles we’ve seen from her are all about being serious, never letting loose, and being free but this character did justice. You would think she took whatever pill Ryan is on because she was on fire and you could tell she was having a lot of fun with it as well.


This film is marvelous in its own right, paying close attention to detail will assist you in solving the twist at the end before the reveal. My questions though would be, where did Ryan Reynolds get that advanced smokescreen in the beginning when he never used it again and why didn’t we get a background story for Gal Gadot? We know why John became a cop right and we know why Ryan became a criminal as well so what lead Gal? I would have loved to get her story.


When it was revealed that John Hartley is a part of Bishop I was not caught off guard, I’ve always had my suspicions on Hartley from the moment he revealed that the bishop had given them Ryan’s whereabouts, I mean who believes a thief who’s not been caught, freely giving information, are they some Robin Hood stealing from the rich giving to the poor lol… 


All in all, a great movie to go and watch with family and friends, I’d give it a 7.5 out of 10 for rating. Rawson Marshall Thurber is working on a few other projects of which I will most likely watch.


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Director - Rawson Marshall Thurber

“The sort of blocking and tackling of making a big-budget movie is the same, but the level of creative support is different."

In the world of international crime, an Interpol agent works with a FBI agent in the attempt to hunt down and capture the world’s most wanted art thief.
Dwayne Johnson
Gal Gadot
Ryan Reynolds
Rita Arya
Chris Diamantopoulos

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  • Prudence Saudi

    I would love to watch the movie. I love Gal, Ryan and Dwayne. They can make movies look interesting. Is also nice to follow the actors and actresses that you love and see them progressing.

    Thanks Mosa for the lovely reviews.

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