League of Legends: Arcane – Episode 2

With episode two of the League of Legends Arcane series, we return to the young man’s residential apartment before the explosion happened, however, we get to see it from the young man’s perspective. As Jayce and Caitlyn were returning to his dorm, Jayce notices that he can’t open his door and hears footsteps in his apartment, Caitlyn and himself try to pry the door open that’s when the explosion occurs, as Jayce is left on the ground, he seems a blurry Vi in front of him as she turns away as escapes.


As Jayce lays unconscious, we get a glimpse of the young man’s past, he and his mother were walking in a harshly cold environment, when his mother collapsed due to the intense cold. Jayce not knowing what to do, called out for help and that’s when a mysterious man in a hood appeared in front of him and started using magical runes to teleport them to Piltover, this was the first time Jayce had experienced magic, the mage in the hood before leaving them, gave Jayce the very same stone he used to perform his teleportation magic to keep as a souvenir.


We return to the present time where Jayce is in his destroyed room with Sherriff Grayson and a man assist the counselor, they ask Jayce who had approved his research as some of the materials used are not permitted by the council, if anything is deemed dangerous, they are supposed to remove it with caution which also includes Jayce himself.


We met our favorite furry scientist Prof Heimerdinger, who tells Jayce that when he first met him, he reminded him a lot of him, that when laying eyes on the boy, he saw a true scientist, however, no scientist should put people’s lives in danger to achieve their goals. He asks Jayce what exactly it was that he was working on, Jayce happily replies that he was working on a way to harness the elements of magic, this immediately doesn’t sit well with Heimerdinger, and he advises Jayce to not mention this to the rest of the council as well as apologize for the explosion, that way, he will be left alone without any serious consequences.


Vi and the rest of the kids are hiding out at their secret hideout under Vander’s instructions, we get to see how and where Vi learned how to fight and how Powder learned how to shoot with incredible accuracy. However, they are found out when enforcers throw one of the underground’s uncooperative men through their window, discovering the kids. As the enforcers are about to search the kids, Vi and Powder remember that they have the crystals on them are immediately make a break for it. Chased by the enforcers, they are assisted by Ekko how throws down a ladder for the kids, giving them a chance to escape once again.


Piltover is run by seven counselors, one of them being Mel, the richest person currently in Piltover. She is obsessed with putting Piltover on the map around the world and takes a sudden interest in Jayce knowing very well Heimerdinger favors the young man from a family of hammer makers.


At the same time, the underground folks are holding a meeting amongst themselves to fight back but Vander disagrees with this notion as they will only lose and make things much worse for themselves. Some are heard stating that he is only protecting his kids, some even started seeing Vander as weak, meaning he had a weakness and wouldn’t be afraid of testing this theory out, instead they leave the bar. The kids are wondering why exactly Vander isn’t doing anything and just as they were headed back to their room, Vi and Powder spot Ekko acting a little suspicious. Ekko clearly can’t keep it within himself to keep quiet and tells Vi about the deal Vander has with the Sheriff.


The council meeting regarding Jayce is about to start with Jayce doing exactly what Heimerdinger told him, he apologizes and asks for another chance to stay in their university. Mel asks him to show any progress from his work but Jayce can’t admit to anything, this downs poorly with the rest of the counselors, making it seem like they are accepting underachievers who aren’t finally dedicated to their work.
Jayce feels like what they are saying is an insult to his long work and yells out in front of everyone that he is working on a way to harness magic. This makes everyone in the hall speechless, no one has dared try such a thing and Heimerdinger’s face falls with disappointment, the rest of the counselors think he needs to be expelled and that’s when Jayce’s mother steps in and pleads with the council to please overlook her child’s wild imagination and ask for him to return home. Heimerdinger with some help from the other counselors agree to have him restricted to his quarters at his home but to never step foot again inside the universities grounds. 


As we return to the Silco’s hideout, we meet Marcus, the enforcer working under Sheriff Grayson, it seems he is waiting on someone and before long, Silco emerges, he calls Marcus by name, leaving the man empty of words, Marcus already agitated asks what does Silco want, Silco calmly replies that he has information regarding the four children who have been making rounds around Piltover’s finest.


Jayce back at home is sulking, upset, and betrayed that his mother, who was saved by magic couldn’t support him during the council meeting, she replies that yes magic saved her then, but the magic wouldn’t have saved him now and they would have taken him away from her for the rest of her life, she chose her son’s life instead of magic yet Jayce full of determination and ideals leaves her, stating that if his own family won’t help him then he’ll find someone that will.


Back at the university, Heimerdinger and his young assistant talk about Jayce’s theory to harness, Heimerdinger agrees that such a thing is intriguing but at the same time very dangerous in the wrong hands. The young assistant asks is it possible to stabilize the crystals yet Heimerdinger replies with why would he, with Heimerdinger having lived over 3 centuries, his past with magic surely has taught him lessons he’s not willing to compromise on and this is one of them. With that everything regarding Jayce’s research is secured and ready to be destroyed safely tomorrow but the young assistant has other plans and steals the book before heading off.


Silco finally wants to test his new drug on a human being this time and chooses the young man who was sent to follow Vi and the rest of the kids after their accident in Piltover, he explains to Deckard that true power isn’t something you are born with but the ability to achieve it at all costs, that is true power and with the nod from Singed the young boy drinks the drug and starts transforming into something we don’t see yet. Jayce on the other hand has been disowned by the people he once trusted, even Caitlyn’s family wants nothing to do with him anymore, the young man feels lost and hopeless.


Yet the real people worried here are the council members themselves, even now they are asking what was stolen from Jayce’s dorm but Grayson can’t admit to what was stolen and how dangerous it is as she doesn’t know how the equipment Jayce had worked. Grayson insists that they have searched half the underground already and found nothing, but the counselors want the entire underground turned upside down if that is what it costs to find the stolen crystals. Marcus besides Grayson decides to take this matter into his own hands.


With the information from Silco, Marcus heads for The Last Drop in search of the four kids, Vander quickly presses the silent alarm to alert the kids into hiding. One enforcer walks down the stairs into the room the kids chill at, he searches everywhere for the kids but forgets to look up. Vi and the kids are right on top of the enforcer with Powder grip on the pipe she’s holding onto. As the enforcer closes the door behind him, Powder falls right after.


The enforcer returns to Marcus and shakes his head to signal that he found nothing, this infuriates Marcus who breaks Vander’s glass of Whisky stating that he plans to bury all of them one day. As the enforcers leave, Vander rushes over to see if the kids are okay, Vi on the other hand feels uneasy about the situation and insists on fighting back, she even implies that if Vander doesn’t fight them, she will.


Vander takes Vi back to the bridge they first met on that chaotic day, haunted by the memories of that place Vi tells Vander her dreams for powder, she tells Vander how the people of Piltover have always made her feel less than and that she wants something more for her younger sister powder and for that she’s willing to fight for it. Vander gives us a bit more details about himself in stating that he also felt like that once, and that if he had just taken more time to think, he would not have cheered people and that both Vi and Powder’s parents would still be alive if it weren’t for him. “No one wins in war”.


This seems to calm Vi down a bit as she starts thinking about the risks of fighting the people of Piltover, it could mean the deaths of Claggor, Mylo even Powder. The two are stuck thinking about what to do next as the enforcers will come back, with more and more enforcers next time. Vi looking at the picture of someone who lost a mother seems to come up with a plan on her own.


As we return to Jayce, he is back at his university dorm room, falling deeper and deeper into his despair the young man feels that his future is lost and contemplates suicide, as he is about to jump out of the building, Heimerdinger’s young assistant stops Jayce who is immediately caught of guard.
The young man tells Jayce that his theory is on harnessing magic has caught his curiosity but Jayce is stuck on the fact that no one believed him and can’t stop thinking about what others think, but what we learn from this is that the young assistant is from the underground and stats that ever since he came to Piltover he has always felt like he never belonged but still came anyway. He motivates Jayce that if you are going to change the world, don’t look for permission. Jayce finally asks what’s the assistant’s name and he replies, “it’s Viktor”.


Marcus who had gone to The Last Drop without Grayson’s permission feels that it’s his responsibility to do whatever it takes to find the kids but this doesn’t sit well with Grayson, this could lead to another war with the underground, meaning chaos and deaths of innocent people but lucky they receive a message from the gift Grayson had given Vander to connect her once his ready.


We head back to Vi who has returned to the hideout and gives Powder the doll she had loved when she was young, she also tells Powder that what makes her different makes her strong and walks out, Powder can feel something doesn’t seem right, she takes the doll and sites with Vander who happily makes her favorite drink but is surprised when she doesn’t drink it Vander sees the doll and can immediately comprehend what is happening. The next thing we see is Vi sitting on a chair waiting for enforcers to come to collect her, Vi has given herself in to protect her family.


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