Shang Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings

The making of Shang Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings has been on the Marvel studios’ projects for over 20 years with no avail, not until Director Destin Danial Cretton joined the team and for good reasons, as we can see.


Shang Chi addresses a lot of one’s self, ancestry, inheritance, being oneself and so much more all in a time run of 132 minutes. We are a product of all those who were here before us and should never forget that. I have seen some of the best visuals the MCU universe has to offer in this film.


At first, the audience is hinted to Shang Chi played by (Simu Liu) not being a fighter, nor inheriting any of his father properties hence he works as a valet but as we continue to lesson and watch in progression, we find that things are a little more complicated than they seem. The reference to SNES game double dragon and the battle toads 2D footage in the bus was incredibly well made, had me reminiscing a lot.


Tony Leung Chiu-wai played his role phenomenally, you could feel his presence, his power by the way he carried himself at all times, never changing, always calm and collected as a true king that has achieved and conquered everything in his way without any challenges. His first meeting with Leiko Wu was symbolic in ways that the audience if smart enough could assume that Shang Chi would have to resemble more or less the same mastery to finally reach his father.


For all its importance on inheritance and ancestry, why is it that Xialing was treated like a stepchild, I mean she was rarely included in anything, even as her brother was being taught how to fight, she took it upon herself to learn how to fight and still was ignored with all that born talent, then again the MCU doesn’t revolve around her but her Shang Chi instead but I feel like as siblings, they should have at least given her more screen time, she seemed more like a background character, appearing once in while to say a line or two then she’s gone again lol…
It’s really hard not to like Katy, her energy and vibe and characters are always full of energy and fun to the point that you ask if she’s honestly like this in person as well. I know she’s a comedian at heart but from all the films I’ve seen with her, her characters are all the same. Crazy, witty, and loves driving cars lol… looks like she found her hidden talent when she put that arrow through the throat of the Dweller-in-Darkness.


I can sympathize with Shang Chi for killing his mother’s killer than running away and going into hiding from his father however, what I don’t agree with is leaving his younger sister Xialing behind in the care of his father for 6 years when he was at his lowest like that. What if he did the same to her that he did to him? Older siblings are supposed to protect their younger siblings no matter what.


The ten rings themselves aren’t so impressive, it’s more about the benefits you gain from wearing the rings that I find interesting, and to think that those rings are stronger than Thor’s Mjollnir is shocking in itself, I wonder who’d win if the two had a clash…


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Director - Destin Daniel Cretton

"It was an important story-point to have those two different types of martial arts styles sung throughout the journey of Shang-Chi in this movie."

Martial-arts master Shang Chi must confront his past and in doing so will come to head with criminal organization The Ten Rings.
Tony Leung Chiu-wai
Meng’re Zhang
Michelle Yeoh
Ben Kingsley

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